Friday, April 23, 2010

Never Falling

I've been working on a new body of work for a solo show i have at Think Space Gallery June 11th.
creating this show has been a journey to say the least full of ups and downs and everything else.

This show is so different for me than all the others Ive done before, i think the reason is because Ive been going through so much change in my personal life that it is affecting my work. (in a positive way) These changes in my life got me thinking allot about Struggle and how there are times in our lives when we need to overcome adversity in order to obtain the things that are truly meaningful. what's so inspiring to me is that through all this struggle and hardship something beautiful can come as a result and that's the moment i want to illustrate in my work.

I'm hard at work and i got some big plans for the installation aspect of the show Think Space Gallery moved to the old Black Market space in Culver City and they did a bunch of renovations the space is HUGE! and i cant wait to really spread out and put my stank on it!

stay tuned....